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Ric Ocasek

How to light a dark atrium?

How to light a dark atrium?

C1364 – Lucas Lofts
Interior Design: Pavarini Design
Lighting Design: zeroLUX lighting design
Lucas Place Lofts sits in the historic garment district of Kansas City’s downtown area.  The historic character and inherent charm of the original structure have been preserved, and the original woodwork and brick walls give an industrial vibe – an industrial revolution-era vibe.  Cool contemporary features have been added throughout the apartments and pubic spaces. One design challenge was to properly light the skylit atrium of this multi-story residential building.  The core of the building was quite dark, even during the daytime.  Designer Charles Pavarini III worked with Lighting Designer Lana Lenar on a unique concept he had to light the interior while adding a design feature that dominates the central space. 
Lenar and Pavarini used Lumid’s Lightsticks to fill up the entire volume with a lighting installation that seems kinetic as one moves through the space.  Riding in the atrium’s glassed-in elevator brings a feeling of flying through space as the randomly-placed Lightsticks whiz by.
The team used a 6” tube in this installation, diagonally stretched from wall to wall with sturdy cables.  Each lightstick is beautifully and evenly lit the length of the tube with a warm white light.
Now imagine this same treatment in a slick, pure white modern building…can you imagine the same set-up using sleek chrome and color-changing fixtures programmed to fade vertically throughout the day? Just sayin…lots to work with here!
Congratulations to zeroLUX lighting design and Pavarini Design Associates on a beautiful installation and thanks for using Lumid again – we love working on innovative projects such as this.
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